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A Vehicle diagnostic Check is a timely and technical procedure to ensure your vehicle performs at its best and is also safe for you and your family.  

All modern vehicles contain many computers that control and monitor different areas of your vehicle for example your Engine and Brake system to make sure your vehicle is performing correctly.

When something goes wrong within these systems the vehicles technical computers produce error codes.  To be alerted You may see a warning light on your dashboard, but these only give a small part of the full picture.

Unfortunately big franchises have painted a picture that a 'computer' does all the work.  This is not the case and you need to choose a garage that not only has the correct 'equipment' but also has staff with the 'Technical Knowledge' to fix your problem.

Fortunately For us at Ockendon Test Centre we have everything to fix your problem first time and all at a good price.

What's Included in a Diagnostic Check?

The Diagnostic process includes a lot more than just a computer 'code read':

  • Consultation with the vehicle owner to discover the problem and a test drive to 'Confirm' the problem.

  • Diagnostic code Read to give us some diagnostic direction.

  • We check our techincal database for 'common issues'.

  • We carry out multiple tests using all types of specialist equipment to diagnose your vehicle.

  • Finally We will contact you again with our findings.

Cant you just plug the computer in?

The short answer to this question is YES! 

However a Diagnostic Computer is only 1 part of a through 

diagnoses.  A diagnostic computer will guide you a potential problem but it does not tell you what the problem is.

ie. Low fuel pressure. What does this mean?? it could be a blocked filter, a faulty fuel pump or a faulty injector.

This is where a 'Code Read' ends and most garages stop.

For A1 Autocentre this is where the rest of the process comes in! Through experience & continuous training we are able to break down your vehicles system and test all the relevant parts to find the root cause of your problem and ensure it doesn't return. 

How much does it cost?

Our Vehicle Diagnostic Check costs £60 + Vat

This includes a consultation with you and 1 hour diagnoses using our through diagnostic process.

At this point if we need any further investigation time we will contact your for approval.



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