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A Vehicle service is a timely maintenance procedure to ensure the best performance from your vehicle. 

The common procedure of a vehicle service generally includes:

  • Change of your vehicles filters.

  • Change of Spark Plugs (If required)

  • Change your vehicles Oil and reset your service light. 

  • A thorough check over of your vehicle to ensure its safe to drive.

Why is a service needed?

  • A well maintained vehicle will be more reliable and will reduce the likelyhood of any breakdown.

  • Find any potential problems early to reduce potential costly repairs. 

  • Maintaining an up to date service history adds to the resale value of your vehicle. 

  • Your vehicle is maintained to an acceptable standard and will ensure your family are safe whilst driving. 

I have been told by the Main Dealer that they have to service my vehicle to keep my warranty valid?

This is incorrect and is used by Main dealers as a scare tactic, for some reason, There seems to be considerable confusion among car owners about the servicing requirements for their new car if they want the warranty to remain intact.


So we thought it might be a good idea to help put the record straight.

'Motorists have a choice and can legally take their vehicle to be serviced at any independent garage. Providing parts and fluids of Original Equipment (OE) quality have been used in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedules, you will NOT invalidate your warranty.' 

It is also advised to use a VAT registered business! 



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SERVICING Questions and help.

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Servicing Starts from only

£75 + Vat but for check out our free online booking form for an accurate price.

How Much is a Service?

Usually a light will appear on your dash to indicate a service is needed but its advisable to carry out an annual service to maintain your vehicle.

When do i need a service?

When bringing your vehicle for a service you should have easily accessible your vehicles service book and also the locking wheel nut

What should i bring?  

Due to our workshop being extremely busy it is advisable to book in your service so we can spend plenty of time with your vehicle.

Do I Need to Book?

Of Course! We offer a Collection and delivery service to save you time and we are fully insured to give you piece of mind! Just let us know when booking in.

Can you Collect?

Need a Service? Book in Online with us Now!